Have you ever encounter, when someone try to call your Company Office whole day, but could not get through because your staffs are using all the telephone lines to access the Internet?
Well, not to worry anymore that all your phone lines are being used because only 1 phone line is required to link 7 PCs to the Internet using our system. In this way, all your company phone lines is free because only 1 phone line is required, and still your staffs can access the Internet.

Net GateWay Server is a server package which allow up to 7 Windows 95/98 PC user accesing into the Internet using 1 normal phone line (not ISDN), instead of 1 phone line per PC, and still maintaining at a reasonable speed. In the conventional way, the end-user needed 1 phone line per Windows 95/98 PC to access the Internet. Using this package, up to 7 users will be able to access the internet using 1 normal phone line.


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